Over the last few decades, as traditional mortgages and housing prices have increased the market has responded with an increase in interest for alternative housing options, in the form of additional dwellings, tiny homes, and cabins. The interest is also presenting itself in the media through television shows highlighting the adventures of small house living through shows like Tiny House, Big Living; Tiny Luxury and Tiny House Builders.
Spend an afternoon watching the creation of these buildings and it’s not hard to get behind the appeal. With many people still feeling the pains of the 2008 housing recession, the allure of minimal living is a growing desire. Retires are looking to downsize and Millennials are opting to live within their means by keeping the cost for housing low. Small spaces with small price tags are a big hit.
With the popularity of websites like Airbnb making renting out extra space easy and convenient these affordable structures can be used to create additional income. Some are utilizing the low price points for second dwellings as investments because the second building can also equate to second income.
Domenic Mangano, owner, and founder of Jamaica Cottage Shop has been part of this growing industry since 1995 when as an adventurer himself he began to hand-craft houses for our canine friends. From there, the business grew to begin including larger structures and over the next two decades, he and his team have expanded to meet the needs of their ever-growing client base by creating unique garden buildings, artist studios, and tiny housing structures. His success at this has landed Jamaica Cottage Shop on Inc 5000 List of top 5,000 fast-growing innovators in 2018.
Jamaica Cottage Shop has done an amazing job of making the dream of a cabin or tiny home not only achievable but affordable as well. While based out of Vermont, they have a list of fans that are countrywide and they are clearly doing a lot right. Domenic and his team have put a heavy emphasis on innovation and craft mastery that has set them ahead of other competitors.
Domenic has done well as his company has grown to maintain integrity, hiring knowledgeable staff which will happily discuss customizations and by working only with skilled Vermont tradesmen, he is supporting the art form of the building. It’s clear that they take pride in their historically proven design and locally sourced, sustainably harvested rough sawn lumber.
There is nothing this group puts out that doesn’t have personality. Offering products like the writer haven, which has a beautiful design that is as romantic as its name. This can easily lead one to entertaining ideas of being the next Thoreau. This creative group is making sanctuary space attainable to many, given the structures almost shockingly affordable price tags.
I doubt that when Domenic first began building dog houses that he knew just how far this journey would take him. How many artists he would provide with their own spaces using his fine post and beam work or the opportunities he would create for people with his creative financing options. There is no doubt that Jamaica Cottage Shop is helping people enhance their spaces.